SNAP Review – Catch! The Game of Cats and Mouse

Catch! The Stragegic Game of Cats and Mouse

Catch! The Strategic Game of Cats and MouseIn Catch! from Peaceable Kingdom, players work together to move 4 cats to surround a mouse and keep it from escaping the yard.


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Set up the board. Put the mouse in the middle black square, and the cats at the four corners of the board.


I’m going to get you, mousie!

Grab the dice and roll them on your turn. One die has colored squares and represents how the mouse moves. The other die has numbers determining how the cat(s) move. Most times you will only move 1 cat on your turn, but if you roll “All Move 1”, move each cat a single space.

Your goal is to keep moving the cats to be able to surround the mouse and keep it from successfully moving off the edge of the board.

There’s some strategy here, to align the cats so that if the mouse tries to go in a particular direction, it will be blocked.


Anitra: “Catch! is elegantly simple, but has the same luck of the draw and tense moments that I’ve come to expect from much more complicated cooperative games, like Pandemic and Forbidden Island.”

Andrew: “I like Catch! because the mechanics of how the game actually works is very simple. But there’s enough strategy to begin to explain statistics to children.”

Catch! - cats surrounding mouse

Don’t let him get away!

Claire: “I think it is a good game for kids who are starting to go into strategy a little bit, but I think it’s a little boring because it’s geared towards younger kids.”

Asher: “It’s pretty exciting, because you might be expecting the mouse to move somewhere and then it moves in a different direction.”

If you’re searching for something to play with non-gaming family that includes children, Catch! is easy to understand and play together. It’s a simple game, with simple mechanics. The strategy is easy to understand and explain, and we’d recommend it for this reason.

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The Family Gamers received a copy of Catch! from Peaceable Kingdom for this review.

Catch! by Peaceable Kingdom
  • For Young Children
  • For Older Children and Adults


Ages 6+

2-4 players

15-20 minutes

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