Number Ninjas: The Ancient Art of Arithmetic

Number Ninjas!

The Dicecapades® franchise continues to grow. First there was Dicecapades® classic, then Dicecapades® Word Pirates, and now we have Dicecapades® Number Ninjas. Add, subtract, and multiply your way to victory with Number Ninjas, a Dicecapades® educational game from Haywire Group. You and your fellow players are ninjas, competing to collect four quest items and race to the Golden Dragon.

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11 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Travel Games

On this week’s episode, we’re looking forward to the holidays and talking travel! But first, what we did this week: More Batman: Arkham City Machi Koro with the family Chip Chain (iOS & Android) eagerly looking forward to Fallout 4 You should join Best Buy “Gamers Club Unlocked” if you buy new video games. And now, on to the games!

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