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To provide family-friendly content on board games, video games, and more through a weekly podcast and occasional articles. We have reviews of new games to play, ideas on how to determine what is age appropriate, how to keep things fair at different skill levels, and more.

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Contributing Writers

Andrew Smith, Executive Editor and Podcast Co-Host
I’ve been a gamer for my entire life. My mom’s career was based around computers and I’ve been glued to screens and tabletop games since I was little! I’ve been writing about games for nearly a decade now, spanning everything from mobile video games to tabletop board games. I love everything from heavy Euros to casual games, from Uncharted to Final Fantasy. We’re super excited to bring that love for games to our own family now. I can’t wait to enjoy the adventure to come!

Anitra Smith, Managing Editor and Podcast Co-Host
I have been a stay-at-home mom since 2008, but earlier in life, I was a software engineer and a giant nerd. Well, I’m still a nerd, and along with Andrew, we are raising our kids to be nerds, too. I played board games as a kid, but very few video games until college… where I tried to remedy that lack immediately. I’m mostly drawn to casual games that are easy to learn and fast to play.

Ray Kelley, Staff Writer

Liz Kelley, Staff Writer

Corey Lagunowich, Staff Writer

Claire Smith, Photographer and Game Tester

Asher Smith, Game Tester