SNAP Review – Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents Party Game

Bob Ross Happy Little Accidents game box

Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents is a party game from Big G Creative, available at Target.

Turn random scribbles into “happy accidents” in this fast paced sketching game. Listen to our SNAP review of Happy Little Accidents in 5 minutes, or read on below.

How to Play

At the beginning of the game, each player uses a black marker to draw a quick scribble on 3 slips of paper. Place all slips of paper drawing side down into a common area.

Each player gets a colored marker and matching tokens. (The tokens have Bob Ross head on one side and squirrels on the other.)

One player draws a card from the deck and another chooses a number (1-6). This number determines the concept that all the players will attempt to draw, such as “cold”, “happy”, “shatter”, or “high five”.

three drawings

Three drawings for “freezing”

Each player pulls a random slip of paper; then all players have 30 seconds to turn their scribble into a representation of the chosen word.

All players show their drawings at the end of the round, and have a chance to explain how the drawing represents the concept.

After 3 rounds, each player chooses their best drawing to compete against everyone else.
All players vote by placing a token with a hidden value (one worth 3 points, one worth 2 points, the rest worth 1 point) on all drawings other than their own.

Once voting is complete, reveal the token values, the player with the most “squirrels” wins!

Bob Ross tokens and drawing

Angry Bob and Happy Bob


The Bob Ross theme isn’t strong here, and Happy Little Accidents is certainly not “chill”, but this is a fun game.

We love the presentation of the box with soft fuzzy flocking on Bob’s hair and beard.

You don’t have to be a great artist to play Happy Little Accidents, but with only 30 seconds to draw, you do need to think quickly to make something recognizable.

The time pressure makes this inappropriate for younger children, so we think the 10+ age is about right. Some adults who aren’t confident in their drawing skills may also get frustrated, but that’s mitigated by playing multiple rounds and only keeping your best drawing for the final vote.

Find Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents at your local Target.


The Family Gamers received a review copy of Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents from Big G Creative.

Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents
  • Art
  • Mechanics
  • Family Fun


Number of players: 3-6
Age Range: 10+
Playtime: 15 minutes

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