Review Policy

The Family Gamers team reviews 6-10 games each month. Reviews are written by different members of the team, whose opinions may differ on any particular game.

Most games we review are complimentary provisions by the creator or publisher, or loaned for review purposes. If we did not pay for the game, there will be a disclaimer at the bottom of the review. No matter how we obtained a game, we do our best to write an unbiased review to let you know if a game is worth the money for your family.


We compile a final score for each game based on the following 3 metrics:

Art: Not just the artwork. Are the components high-quality? Is the presentation consistent, or are some pieces great and some mediocre? Does the artwork help gameplay and keep us interested?

Mechanics: How the game plays. Do player actions make sense? Is there a sense of moving forward? What skills are involved in playing, or is it merely luck?

Family Fun: How much our family enjoyed the game. Does this game work for many different ages? Did the players ask to play again?

Typical scores

A score of 5 is mediocre; not good, but not bad.

A score of 7 is a game that is pretty good: we are usually willing to play if someone else suggests it.

A game we score at 9 is a game that we enjoy playing and would suggest to others, but still has some room for improvement.


We periodically re-examine our review scores and reserve the right to change a score later.


Additionally, all links to Amazon for game purchase are Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


Last updated: October 2020