84 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Favorite Games for Two Players

Episode 84 - Favorite Games for Two Players

We’re revisiting the topic of two player gaming. Plus, two items of news that will affect board gamers across the United States.

What we’ve been playing:

Claire coming out from an ice slide

Claire on an ice slide

Brew Dice
Silly Street
Gobblet Gobblers
Smash Up
The Grimm Forest

Video games: Claire finally beat The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and has started playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – and is LOVING it. (She has 3 horses now, and named each of them “Epona”.)

Ice Castle roofOne last thing we did, not a game: We visited the New Hampshire Ice Castles. It was cool.


Mayfair Games is closing. They have sold the rights to all their games to Asmodee North America.

Barnes & Noble laying off lots of people, even apart from store closings. Beginning of the end?


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Two player games:

We’ve talked about two-player games before (episode 38), but it bears re-visiting.

Kingdomino (7×7 variant especially)
(see our review)
Potion Explosion (see our review)
Onitama (see our review)
Fight for Olympus (see our review)
Pocket Ops
Caverna: Cave vs. Cave (review coming soon)
Baseball Highlights 2045
Okey Dokey

What games do you like playing with two players?


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Until next week, play games with your kids!

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