38 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Twice Married

married with board games

This week, we have special guests! Spencer & Lara Williams, of Married with Board Games, co-host the show with us and talk about their favorite games to play as a couple.

What we played

(MwBG) Clank, the deckbuilding adventure game (see their episode 11) from Renegade Games. They found it much more balanced with two players than with four.

(MwBG) Sigil – coming to Kickstarter this week. Similar to Magic: The Gathering, but more of a boardgame/wargame.

Andrew and Anitra have both been playing plenty of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Our church had a game night, so our family played lots of games!

Can’t Stop

Baseball Highlights 2045 – Andrew highly recommends trying out the game via the iOS app for under $5.

Walk the Plank

OutFoxed! (with kids)

Pie Rats of the Carob Bean Farm (with kids, one of whom quit halfway through.)

Zitternix (Keep it Steady) – with a group of about 4 very young kids (2 & 3s). Fun!

The kids also played some games without adults, like: Mall Madness (Littlest Pet Shop Edition), Hi Ho Cherry-O

Funny to see an 8 year old teaching three adults how to play Battle Sheep.

Games to play as a couple

Spencer and Lara have younger kids than we do, so they don’t play much with their kids (yet!) We discuss a few favorite games to chill out after the house is quiet:

Tides of Madness – a 2 player drafting game from Portal Games

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle – co-op deck-building, moves through the 7 books

Beyond Baker Street – deduction/clue giving game similar to Hanabi

Above and Below – exploration & building with a storybook for encounters

Lara and Spencer love co-operative games, building on each other’s strengths.

Potion Explosion! A key component is a marble dispenser – the marbles are potion ingredients. Pull marbles in certain orders to get combos (“explosions”).

We also share some of our favorites:


Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small (the two-player-only Agricola variant). Will be reprinted soon by Mayfair Games!

Patchwork is another great one published by Mayfair. A little discussion of the cross-shaped piece in Patchwork (cost:0, income:3).

Splendor (although we may actually prefer it on iOS; cheaper and works well with pass-and-play)

Fight for Olympus, a new game from Mayfair that we will be reviewing in the future.

Find more from Spencer and Lara at www.marriedwithbg.com – podcast, video reviews, etc.

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