10 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Gamification – and Contest!

Pac-Man made of fruitOn this week’s episode, we’re talking gamification, and we have a contest! Enter to win a copy of Maze Racers. What we played this week:

Gamification – making necessary tasks more enjoyable by making them more game-like.

Keys to gamification:

  1. Do it with tasks that your kids are already doing / need to do.
  2. Have a measurable goal.
  3. Reward incremental progress (can be as simple as checking off a chart or adding stars)
  4. Make it social – kids can indirectly compete against each other or even against mom & dad.

Gamify hiking & fitness! More about geocaching and letterboxing.

To enter the Maze Racers contest: Tell us a story about mazes. Did you get lost in a maze? Love paper mazes? See The Maze Runner in the theater this year? Leave a comment below or on Facebook. One story will be chosen at random to win!


  • Michael

    So a couple years ago I went to a corn maze with some friends one evening around Halloween. We’re wandering though the maze trying to find the things for the little quest they had set up, and I quickly discovered that the most fun to be had was finding way to drop out of sight so I can jump out and scare my friends. It was great fun until one of them started hyperventilating… I also discovered there were secret passageways in the maze to allow the cast to run around and scare people on themed nights. :D

    Also, when my brother was younger he filled entire notebooks with pencil drawn mazes. He had lots of fun designing them.

  • I too0k my family to a Pumpkin Patch Corn Maze. We decided to get the pumpkin first then go in the corn maze. Poor choice, 2 hours and many miles later of carrying the biggest pumpkin we could find. This was a true test of cooperative navigating in the real world.