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Split Perspective Studios

This week, we’re talking to Trevor Muller-Hegel about his project Split Perspective Studios.

Split Perspective Studios is creating variations & print-n-plays using classic games (Chess, Checkers, playing cards) as a starting point. As low as $1 for new variations every month.

Almost every household already has chess or checkers. This project is a way to introduce “gamer-y stuff” without a big investment of money or time. The main goal is to get more people playing games, without being intimidated by a game like chess. “I don’t know the right strategy” doesn’t have to be an excuse. When it’s a brand new game, no one knows the best strategy.

We also see this as a great resource for people who want to expand a chess club like Liz did without spending a lot of money.

Trevor says he’s currently working on at least 6 new games using a chess set. One of them is even a campaign-style game, similar to Final Fantasy Tactics.

We find these classic games to be elegant in a way that modern games usually aren’t. You can’t picture people sitting in Central Park playing Gloomhaven, but having a way to make new games using these classic pieces expands what you can do.

Trevor realized one day that a chess set is like having a set of miniatures that he could use in designing a game!

Sacrificial Chess

The first variation available to patrons is Sacrificial Chess. This one follows similar rules to chess, but with income. You start with a king and 5 pawns. Every turn, you gain another pawn, but you have to sacrifice the pawns to gain the better units. Knights and bishops have slightly altered movement as well, in order to provide better support.

He’s also working on designs that allow for different player counts (up to 4 players) and asymmetric player powers.

How long have you been designing games?

Trevor started with a tabletop RPG in 2012. He started looking into boardgames about a year later, and realized he wanted to design them too.

How did you come up with the idea for this monthly subscription?

Trevor already support an RPG maker on Patreon. It’s a nice, simple, enjoyable way to publish games “like putting it on layaway”. Putting that together with the idea of only publishing rule sets rather than manufactured games seemed like a perfect fit.

Why should people subscribe?

You can pay just $1 for 1-2 variations on chess/checkers/cards every month.

For $4 also get a print-and-play every other month, plus videos on how to play.

$9 for a “super enthusiast” which also includes monthly video on a game mechanic.

Tell us about some your upcoming projects.

Engine-builder/hand programming game “Archmagus” – a response to Hero Realms & Star Realms. Rather than based on battling to reduce health points, in Archmagus, you play cards to mess with your opponent’s deck.

A color-matching game with deck-building aspect. Currently known as “Colormatch Pro”.

A super-hero area control game. “Heroes Born of Darkness”.

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