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Episode 275
Games for Couples
with One Board Family

Welcome to Ryan and Erin from One Board Family. We talk about a couple of games that are great for couples to play. What are their favorite games to play as a couple?

275 Fact


What We’ve Been Playing






Poetry for Neanderthals

Cape May

Quacks of Quedlinberg

Great Western Trail

SNAP review – Hammer Time

Hammer the gems and fill your mine carts in Hammer Time! Read the transcript or watch the video.

Top Ten Games for Couples

Looking for something great for two players? We’ve got ten suggestions for you.

Unmatched – a favorite for all of us, no matter which set(s) you use. (Find out more from The Family Gamers and from One Board Family)

A Gentle Rain – solo or cooperative (One Board Family review)

7 Wonders Duel (One Board Family review)

Duelosaur Island

Onitama (our review)

Kombo Klash (our review, One Board Family review)

Shobu (our review, One Board Family review)

Berried Treasure

Voltage – small and really cheap!

Royal Visit

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