SNAP Review – Deblockle: Strategy of Tips & Turns

A 7x7 board with 4 teal cubes and 4 gold cubes

Deblockle: The Strategy Game of Tips and Turns

Deblockle might be called a “roll-and-move” game, but it’s an elegant game that would be at home on any coffee table.

Listen to our thoughts on this abstract strategy game from Project Genius in less than 5 minutes, or read on below.

Deblockle - rolling a gold cube star-side up onto the star space.

In Deblockle, each player gets 4 identical cubes on the board. On your turn, roll a cube onto an adjacent face and then move it according to the newly revealed top face.

The object of the game is to roll each of your cubes, star-side up, onto the star space on the opposite side of the board. But you are not allowed to roll a cube to have the star side on top anywhere else on the board.

The actions: stop, move 1 space diagonally, move 1 space horizontally or vertically, slide in a direction until stopped, move exactly 3 spaces in any combination of directions.


Gold and blue blocks on a grid.

We love the way Deblockle looks. The gold and teal are beautiful, and it would be at home on any coffee table.

Although the box warns that it’s not a toy and not appropriate for children under 3, it seems very durable. Our copy has taken a fair bit of abuse from our children and still looks lovely.

It’s just think-y enough for a quick two player game.


The biggest downside to Deblockle is that there’s no easy way to bring it somewhere. There’s no bag or container for it. Even the box isn’t terribly reusable. (See update)

Deblockle is a true abstract game. It’s elegant in its simplicity, and it’s not trying to be something else. Serious gamers can treat it as a filler game. It’s both beautiful and relaxing to play.

Deblockle: The Strategy Game of Tips and Turns

Updated 1/2023: Deblockle is now available in a box that is can be reused for storage. Otherwise, this is the same great game as before!

The Family Gamers received a copy of Deblockle from Project Genius for this review.

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Number of Players: 2
Age Range: 8+
Playtime: 10 minutes