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Boston FIG Interviews

As promised last week, we have some interviews from Boston FIG. We’ve also got another giveaway – this one’s only a week long, so don’t miss out!


We picked up a copy of Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters and played it this week. We liked it so much that we picked up a second copy to give away to one lucky listener.

We want to get this game in your hands before Halloween, so act fast! The giveaway will only be open for one week. (US mailing addresses only please.)

Dinosaur Tea Party card: Yorick

Dinosaur Tea Party

Check out Nick’s review of Dinosaur Tea Party. It’s our first ever review to score 10 out of 10 points – we can’t say enough good things about this wonderfully fun family game.


Brackets! – a free mobile game from Acsibi Studios. A low-stress puzzle to cover the largest area given a certain set of corners. Hear Anitra discover that the developers are a father/son team!

Penguin SLAP! – a card game from Low Sodium Studios. Last man standing, take-that competitive game. No physical slapping in the game! “Slap” cards make another player discard fish, but can be countered/reflected, making the attacker drop even more fish. The cards feel light-hearted and goofy, keeping the game from getting too serious. Penguin SLAP! is on Kickstarter right now, through October 28. You can also find their fantastic artwork in coloring pages for your kids! Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Squatbot – with James – a simple 2D platformer available for iOS and Android right now, for free. Very natural feeling and polished.

3 children playing iPad games

Playing Loose Nozzles

Loose Nozzles – Chris and Ian Foster (Foster Family Games) have been working on this hand-illustrated game for five years, starting when Ian was five years old. Chris is a professional game developer but wanted to do an indie game where he was in control of all aspects. Ian drew a picture for him to animate, and then started describing aspects of how the game should work. Ian did all the art and most of the sound effects. The demo we played was fun, but really hard. Chris and Ian are hoping to finish the game soon.

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