12 – The Family Gamers Podcast – The “Crate-y” Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is next week, yikes! So let’s talk gifts. This week, we’re talking non-digital gifts – board games, card games, and non-electronic toys.

But first, what we played this week!

We are big fans of Kiwi Crate! With 4 different subscriptions and dozens of individual boxes to choose from, they are a great choice for the kids in your life. They are having a huge sale for Black Friday (60% off first month subscription, or 50% off all individual boxes in their shop), so check them out!

Our top board games for gifting:

I love Baby Cheapskate’s list of All-Star Toys – toys that will get played with year after year. Check out their site for gift ideas: toys that get played with broken up by age group.

Next week, we’ll announce the winner of the Maze Racers contest!