137 – Super Saturday Super Showdown – The Family Gamers Podcast

Flip Florey, Andrew Smith, Anitra Smith, Chris Michaud, Jason Lees, Gil Hova

Episode 137 –
Super Saturday Super Showdown

This episode is special! It’s our combined show with Flip Florey at Granite Game Summit, with special guests Gil Hova, Jason Lees, and “Your Moderator” Chris Michaud. We’re calling it the Super Saturday Family Gamers Super Showdown.

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drawings of straws in cups
We drew straws to see which team would go first. What do you think?

We played games you know and love:
Boardgame in the Middle
Sniffing Spiel
Battle of… Wits?

Thanks to all the contributors to this show:
Asher, Claire, Elliot
Jason Lees
Gil Hova (High Rise Kickstarter, Ludology podcast)
Flip Florey (Flip Florey’s Super Saturday Board Game Serial)
Chris Michaud (Flip the Table)

We’ll see you next week. Until then – PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR KIDS!