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Episode 155: Gen Con and Gen Can't

Much like last year, we went camping and then did Gen Can’t, while Nick and Izzy were able to attend Gen Con 2019. So, instead of having a special guest, we’ve got some of the interviews that Nick recorded.

What We’ve Been Playing

Camping was fun! We played a few family games we are already loving, like Draftosaurus, Cinco Linko, Toasted or Roasted, and Dirty Pig.

Res Publica was new to us, and pretty enjoyable.

Desert Island was not great. Each player has a person they want to survive and one they want to die. There are fragile alliances and lots of disasters, but the player powers, location powers, and random draws make it very swingy.

more Penny Rails! Anitra is loving this tiny taste of 18XX style games.

Expedition Altiplano – apparently, this game only comes out when we’re camping?

Ex Libris – now that we’ve gotten over the hurdle of learning the rules, we really enjoyed this. It was a bit lighter than we expected, and that’s a good thing!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle did not go well. We’re going to try it again soon.

Dice Fishing: Roll and Catch

Trogdor the Board Game


Our listener Wyeth requested that we repeat the name of a game after talking about it. We’ll try to do that more often from now on! Don’t forget that you can also look up show notes for every single episode on TheFamilyGamers.com with links and game info.

Apologies for using some offensive language.

Interviews from Gen Con 2019

Thanks Nick! Timestamped for your reference.

Phoenixes from Tsuro: Phoenix Rising

(0:21:00) Calliope Games with Chris Leder

Spy Master by Seth Johnson – an I-split-you-choose game

Everyone Loves a Parade by Mike Mulvihill

Ship Shape by Rob Daviau

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising – coming in September to a store near you!

(0:24:40) The OP with Ross Thompson

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist – recreate the broad flow of the movie! (We talked about this)

Harry Potter: Defense against the Dark Arts – deck-building and dueling.

Furry Foodies
Furry Foodies

Furry Foodies – cats pushing items/food off the kitchen counter. Slide tiles, collect sets.

Astro Trash – Get all the trash off your planet. Simultaneous play, frantic dice rolling.

Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures. A cooperative deck building game in the same vein as Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle.

Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising. Cooperative dice / engine-building game. Build up your powers and defeat Voldemort!

Munchkin: DuckTales – solving mysteries and rewriting history? We’ll see.

(0:32:25) Skybound Games with James Hudson

Wonderland’s War – bag-building / area-control game set in the world of Alice in Wonderland

Grimm Masquerade – (we already love this) “social deduction for people who don’t like social deduction”

The Walking Dead: Something to Fear – co-opetition card game

Trial by Trolley – on Kickstarter right now.

A new line of family games coming out next year, probably direct to retail:

Pebble Rock – a pick up and deliver game

Squire’s Quest – a dungeon-crawl in a very small footprint

Dragon’s Hoard

Funkoverse game: Batman, Harley, Joker

(0:36:40) Funko Pop/ Funko Games with Stephanie Straw

Funko Games is the new name for Forrest-Pruzan. But their newest release is Funkoverse Strategy Game.

Each character has their own special abilities (active and passive). Combine sets and characters to mix and match games however you want.

(0:43:25) Stronghold Games with Stephen Buonocore

Stephen Buonocore and Nick Martinelli

For Stronghold, it’s the year of roll-and-writes!

Ganz Schon Clever (That’s Pretty Clever), plus Doppelt So Clever (Twice As Clever)


Second Chance

Dizzle – dice drafting

Encore – currently the largest-selling R/W in Germany.

Fine Sand – deck deconstruction. Try to get rid of the cards that aren’t good for you. Each play will bring out new cards (as in Fabled Fruit and the Fast Forward games).

Check out the rest of their stuff on Twitter @strongholdGames and Instagram @strongholdGames, plus the Board Games Insider podcast.

(0:49:05) Big G Creative with Shannon Swindle

Trapper Keeper game, with Shannon Swindle, Nick Martinelli, Izzy Martinelli

Kenny G Keepin’ it Saxy – cooperative. Fight off events like mis-matched socks and rush-hour traffic to keep Kenny in his groove all day long.

Carpool Karaoke Game – Sing It, Work It, Rock It, Guess It. You need at least 3 people to play. One as a judge, the other two have a sing-off. Pro-tip: use Youtube to look up songs so you can also get the lyrics.

Trapper Keeper Game – set collection in your mini-Trapper Keeper folders.

Don’t forget about their Bob Ross games, too! (We reviewed Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents a while ago.)

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