16 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Brick Instructions – Saving your LEGO Christmas!

We really love LEGOs. A lot. So, imagine our excitement when a friend of the show released a new app for Windows that allows you to gather all of your LEGO set building instructions together! We were so excited we invited him on the show to guest host this week.

Join us as we talk with Matthias Shapiro about his new (free!) app in the Windows Store, Brick Instructions. We’ll talk about this, share some great LEGO stories, and also talk about an issue looming large in front of all of us – The Post-Christmas lull.

  • How do we handle the massive influx of presents?
  • What kinds of rules do we put in place to help manage the toy volume and meter out the excitement of the new toys for a longer period of time?

Listen and find out!

Here’s a link to that Fallout 4 AT-AT Andrew mentioned!

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