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The Intuition Game

We have a guest this week, George Kaponay. George and his family have been traveling the world for many years, and using games as a way to understand each other better. We’ll talk to him about his own family, his business “At Home in the World”, and the game they’ve created.

What We’ve Been Playing

Secret Hitler – George’s extended family played over the holidays. An awkward theme, but can be a lot of fun and encourage discussion in the right group. We talk about how it is awkward to explain to kids when a game means it is OK to lie.

Ecos: The First Continent – Anitra is really enjoying how accessible this game is, since it’s not an easy game. Focus on your own engine, with an eye to the central “continent” everyone is building.

PARKS – A beautiful game that symbolizes traveling through the US National Parks.

Ravine – A cooperative game. You’ve crash landed in a ravine, and must work together to survive the night.

Wavelength – An immediate hit with Andrew & Anitra. A clue-giving, team game. Give a clue that fits in the “spectrum” hidden behind a shield. Try to give a clue that will cause your team to move the pointer to fit as close the middle of the “spectrum” as possible. Still confused? Take a look at @WavelengthDaily on Twitter to give it a try.

Interview with George Kaponay

George and his wife came to the realization that everyone in their family was going in different directions. They wanted to be more active as the parents of their children, and engage with them more fully. The first move was to homeschool, but then George was also “made redundant”.

“What did we really love doing?… what brought us together? Travel.”

The answer was to sell a lot of unnecessary “stuff” and get out in the world so they could learn together.

They wanted to learn to listen to their intuition and open themselves up to new ideas.

At Home in the World Family Retreat

Eventually, the Kaponays decided they wanted to start a business to help other families. Not just traveling, homeschooling families, but any family that wants to have a “retreat” that’s about reconnecting.

Not necessarily for families that want to travel, but for families who want to deepen their family connection, in a way … that can be done on a thriving, daily basis.

This whole concept flips the “retreat” idea on its head. Instead of taking a retreat that’s about one person getting away, this is the whole family getting away to learn together (along with fun activities, too). The kids often lead the learning sessions. What a great opportunity for them to be the teachers!

Create a family story, using all the strengths we possess as a family.

Andrew and Anitra bond as a family by playing games (obviously). When we all sit around the table at a game, we’re all equal in that context, and we all contribute.

Find out more at AtHomeInTheWorldRetreat.com.

The Intuition Game

All of the Kaponay family’s experience led to… a game! George tells us that intuition is a real superpower, and his family has created a game to help people explore that.

George has a theory that people don’t ask big questions because they feel trapped, or can’t see a different way forward.

The Intuition Game is all about asking questions with real meaning and direction, and use them to bring friends and family together while exploring the answers. Write down questions that have meaning, and then people take turns “sitting in the intuiter’s seat” and intuit the answer to a question.

Everyone writes down three questions, framed to have yes/no answers. The group picks one question that they’ll all think intensely about, and the “intuiter” tells them whatever first comes to mind. Sometimes that’s a vision, or a word, or even just a feeling. There are additional cards that give affirmations to the intuiter, and often fit uncannily with the questions.

Find out more at TheIntuitionGame.com. It is not yet available for purchase, but if you get in touch, you may be able to get a print-and-play or evaluation copy. The Intuition Game should be coming to a crowdfunding platform before the end of 2020.

Find out More



Or contact George on Facebook. Search for “Lali George Kaponay“.

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