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The Charity Boardgamer

Our guest this week is Chris Goodlet. Chris runs “The Charity Boardgamer”.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Stop Thief from Restoration Games (2nd edition). Unfortunately, the new cooperative mode proved frustrating.

Quarriors from WizKids. – by request! (It’s a precursor to Dice Masters.)

Super Powered Smash Masters – as we mentioned last week. Nice and quick.

One Week Ultimate Werewolf

Sorcerer City – Chris says it’s “in my top 20”.

Cryptid – Gather clues to figure out where the cryptid (legendary animal) is! Andrew says it feels pretty abstract.

Bank Heist – coming very soon. Social deduction while robbing a bank! Pass items (cards) to each other until someone triggers the alarm.

Tell us how The Charity Boardgamer started.

Chris played a lot of boardgames as a kid, but not many later. A few years ago, he was invited to a church boardgame night, and immediately fell in love.

A friend invited him to try Extra Life – play games (video games or boardgames) and raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. Have fun, doing something you enjoy, and make something good come from it.

He did Extra Life for the first time in 2018, with a very low goal – which he blew out of the water. Then last year, Chris got more excited about finding ways to interact with both boardgames and charities. Starting in March 2019, he did “The Selfie Game Challenge Thingy” – and with each picture, he’d talk about a charity that’s near and dear to his heart.

In 2019, Chris got to meet one of the kids that his Extra Life fundraising had helped. That helped him to see what good this is doing, and encouraged him to look for even more ways to reach out.

What does The Charity Boardgamer do now?

“Loving on everyone”, like his mother did.

Bringing awareness through: family-focused reviews, charity interviews, and industry interviews. In the industry interviews, Chris always asks them about their favorite charity to promote.

Tell us about your logo and the T-shirts you’re selling.

Design by Stephanie Skyles (local to them in Charleston). The logo does a great job expressing connectedness with two different color hands and a ton of boardgame accessories. 60% of profits from the T-shirts go to charities, 40% goes to “giveaways” to get more eyes on those charities. Each month features a different charity.

Find them on TeeSpring.com/stores/the-charity-boardgamer

What if I want to get involved? What should I do?

Start by talking to the charity you’re interested in. Get to know their needs and what they do! (Hint, Chris does this with his interviews to help people like us.)

Find a location. Local locations don’t work for you? Livestream, or try a GoFundMe or Facebook fundraiser.

The most important thing is to come together. And find your passion with a charity that motivates YOU!

Where can people find you?


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