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Episode 189 - Boardgames & Books
Episode 189 - Boardgames & Books

Listen for Andrew’s fact about 189 – a record that was shattered! If you have interesting facts about a number coming up soon, let us know!

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Our special guest is Jenn Bartlett, AKA “The Boardgame Librarian”. (We had her on over a year ago in episode 119.)

She regularly has a segment on Board Game Breakfast: “From the Page to the Table”. We thought we’d examine this idea with her, pairing up books with games.

She highly recommends the graphic novel A Flower in a Field of Lions from Tapestry Comics – it’s about the life of Joan of Arc.

We discuss the difference between “librarian” and “person who works at a library”.

What We’ve Been Playing

Shakespeare – (from Ystari Games) action selection. “Fill in the stage”

Marshmallow Test – (from Gamewright & Reiner Knizia) simple trick taking game about delayed gratification.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – (from The OP) We finally beat book 2!

Bananagrams – still nicely educational! And now we’ve introduced our homegrown agent of chaos, who is convinced he can make words, therefore he can play… It’s been interesting.

Super Powered Smash Masters – (from Dark Unicorn Games) A simple beat-em-up with a superhero/comic theme.

Tournament of Towers – (from Iron Hippo Games) As we reviewed several years ago, a great family game that combines dexterity/building with card drafting.

PARKS – (from Keymaster) Everything about this game is just nice. A pleasant experience.

Dungeon Academy – (from The OP) So cute, and has won over Jenn (not usually a fan of real-time fast-paced games) as well as Andrew (not usually a fan of roll-and-write).

SNAP Review – Squire for Hire

Squire for Hire game

Andrew, Anitra, and Asher tell you about this ultra-compact game for one or two players.

See the pictures and all the information you need at our SNAP review.

Boardgames & Books

Let’s talk about pairing up games with books!

With 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (look for an illustrated classics version or graphic novel): play Deep Sea Adventure (Oink Games)

Book & game together – Sherlock Holmes: Four Investigations (Van Ryder Games, based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s mysteries)

Another Sherlock game: Beyond Baker Street (from Z-Man Games) Best for older kids and adults, this Sherlock-themed game completely replaces Hanabi for us. Give clues to what is in your fellow players’ hands.

Jenn is a big fan of Steelheart (Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson). Play The Reckoners (from Nauvoo Games) – a cooperative game “that really forces you to listen and interact with each other”. Roll dice and get combos.

The Tea Dragon Society graphic novel is very cute and sweet, and The Tea Dragon Society Card Game is a perfect introduction to deck-building games.

Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World – we love this animal biography! Pair it with Cat Lady from AEG.

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Jenn also has a weekly segment on the Dice Tower’s Board Game Breakfast – “From the Page to the Table”

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