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Kid Splaining
Kid Splaining

We’re joined this week by the Burrell family. Their kids Jarred and Peyton are the hosts of “Kidsplaining” – game tutorials done by kids. (And fun stuff like unboxing and guess-the-rules.)

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Kids + Kids

Our kids interview the Burrell kids and ask about Jumanji and how long they’ve been making videos about board games (about 4 months). Then some talk about treehouses and TV shows.

Their favorite kind of games? Roll-and-write! We discuss Roar & Write, Roland Wright, and That’s Pretty Clever.

What the longest game you’ve played? Scythe between just the boys (5 hours!)

Favorite trip? Disney World and a cruise! Wow!

Jarred tells us that he loves engineering and building things, and reading. We recommend Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) for learning to code.

Barenpark game with monorails and grizzlies

SNAP Review – The Bad News Bears

We review this expansion for Bärenpark. If you’re looking to add to your koala-ty family experience, check out the new modules. Listen to the SNAP and check out the pictures.

More Kidsplaining – with Adults

Allison and Daniel decided to let their kids teach adults about their favorite board games. This helps friends and family members to feel less intimidated – if a 10-year-old can explain how to play the game, it’s something an adult can approach.

They’re committed to making high quality videos while only doing as much as their kids are comfortable with.

Amazingly, Jarred has written entire scripts by himself and took to using a teleprompter right away.

They’re loving the community that comes together around board games. Media and even publishers are so supportive!

Unboxing videos are “like Christmas every day” – it’s so joyous to watch the boys open up a box and just start punching out pieces and get excited for what they see.

How do you get your kids into board games? Enjoy doing it yourself! If they see mom & dad enjoying games together, they’ll see it as “normal” and do it too.

Allison & Daniel have intentionally stayed away from “kid” games and kept to “adult” games that a pre-reading kid can play.

They recommend Horrified for cooperative games (encourages real cooperation instead of a ringleader) – and encourage you to get games that look fun, even if they look too hard for your kids.

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