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Sarah Shah
Sarah Shah

We’re not known for doing anything in only a minute, but Sarah Shah is. She created “Board Games in a Minute” videos… but more on that later.

235 Fact – Uranium 235! Uranium 235 was one of the first uranium isotopes that gave scientists really crazy, broad ideas about what nuclear power could do. Andrew found an old issue of Popular Science from 1941, and it’s fascinating: https://books.google.com/books?id=ftkDAAAAMBAJ&lpg=PA1&dq=Popular%20Science%201930%20plane%20%22Popular%20Mechanics%22&pg=RA1-PA1#v=onepage&q&f=true

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We asked Sarah what she thinks about last week’s topic of kids books as games, especially our favorite “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”…

And Anitra and Sarah bond over their love of Louis Sachar (Wayside School books, Holes).

What We’ve Been Playing

Canvas (Road to Infamy Games) – beautiful, but don’t hang it on the wall. Create beautiful “paintings” by layering elements.

Horrified (Ravensberger) – Sarah is playing with a friend on video chat!

Flyin’ Goblin (IELLO) – part dexterity game. Catapult your goblins into the castle.

Fleet: The Dice Game (Eagle Gryphon) – a favorite.

Kombo Klash (HUB Games) – “It’s good!”

Orconomics (Ares Games)

Calico (AEG / Flatout Games) – Anitra played solo.

Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden (Ludi Creations) – solo game highly recommended by Sarah. Late pledge still available! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ludicreations/mr-cabbageheads-garden-returns

We once again recommend Shobu from Smirk & Dagger.

My City (KOSMOS) – we’re still working our way through this no-conflict legacy/campaign game. We love how the difficulty level has slowly balanced out, while also getting slightly more complex with each new “episode”.

Andrew is very excited by the announcement of Baseball Highlights 2045: The Dice Game.

Decktective: Bloody red roses

SNAP Review – Decktective: Bloody Red Roses

See the video or read the transcript of this unusual one-time use, mystery-solving game. 5 out of 5 red roses on this one!

Interview with Sarah Shah

“Board Games in a Minute” is exactly what it sounds like: an overview of a specific board game, in under a minute.

It started on Tiktok – Sarah had been watching videos on Tiktok for over a year, and decided that she couldn’t sing or dance or do something traditionally “entertaining” but doing board games overviews was something she COULD do.

We’ve mentioned Sarah on our show before because we’re huge fans of what she does. It’s like performance art. What’s the process like?

Sarah tells us it’s trial and error. She doesn’t edit together the video, but keeps doing takes, repositioning her materials and compressing her words, until she gets one that’s right.

Facebook is probably the best place to find her, but she’s also on Youtube and Instagram (and of course TikTok).

Sarah releases at least one new video a week, but often more – keep an eye out!

Maybe someday we’ll put together a livestream play of Fleet: The Dice Game!

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