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Fact – Origen of Alexandria died c 253

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What We’ve Been Playing

Flicking Finches prototype (check the Kickstarter from Meridae Games)

Robots Ate Our Pizza (RobotsAteOurPizza.com)

Merchants of Magick (Rock Manor Games – not yet available)

Zombie Kidz Evolution

Back to the Future: Back in Time (Funko Games)

EXIT: Game + Puzzle – The Sacred Temple (KOSMOS)

Wesley Hall, TikTok Organist

This week on the show, we have a dear friend of ours who has been making a name for himself on TikTok in a crazy way.

Wes is a pipe organist. He’s spent his life studying pipe organs around the world.

Wes explains to us what “swell shades” are (the first of his TikTok videos that Andrew remembers watching).

We normally associate pipe organs with old people, but they are a monstrous instrument and really cool. Did you realize just how big – and complex – pipe organs are? Wes tells us how he started his pipe organ journey as a kid, and how he loves showing off parts of organs to his friends.

He started making TikTok videos as a way to show more people why he thinks organs are cool. Now we find out that people all over the world are

Games with Wes

It wouldn’t be The Family Gamers Podcast if we didn’t talk a little about games.

We discuss “learning board games” versus “playing board games”. Is that a left-brain/right-brain split?

We delve once again into the similarities and differences between Roll Player (Andrew’s favorite) and Sagrada (which Anitra prefers).

We recommend Love Letter or The Grimm Masquerade for a game that allows you to “read” other people but with some complexity. And Dinosaur Tea Party since Wes enjoyed Guess Who as a kid.

We discuss Wes’s favorite music to play (on bagpipe: “The Tourist”) (on organ: “Fantasy & Fuge on BACH” by Max Reger).

And a few of our favorite games. (Pan Am, Roll Player, Campaign Trail, Imhotep, Zombie Kidz Evolution)

What Everyone Should Know About the Pipe Organ

  1. “Pulling out all the stops” comes from pipe organs
  2. Mozart calls it “the king of instruments” because it can play higher than others, lower than others, super loud and incredibly quiet. Pipe organs were the most complicated machines humans made until the industrial revolution. It’s so much more than a piano, and they’re still changing and evolving today. (Check out the Walt Disney Concert Hall organ, which looks like a box of french fries – and any organ that is near you!)

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