257 – Lucky Duck Games w/ Vince Vergonjeanne – The Family Gamers Podcast

Welcome Vince Vergonjeanne, one of our “favorite human beings in board games”, and the founder/CEO of Lucky Duck Games.

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What we’ve been playing

Dune Imperium
Unlock! – one of Vince’s favorite things to play as a family.
EXIT with jigsaw puzzles. These worked really well for our family.
Quacks of Quedlinburg
Paladins of the West Kingdom
Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

SNAP Review – Inspector Mouse: The Great Escape

Watch the video or read the transcript for this unusual and clever memory game.

Topic: Lucky Duck Games!

Let’s talk about Vince!

He’s always loved children and is thrilled to be a father.

Worked for many years in the video game industry, and founded 2 video game studios (Kobojo in France, then EVERYDAYiPLAY in Poland).

How did Lucky Duck Games get started?

5 years ago, jumped to board games. Their first one was Vikings Gone Wild – an adaptation of their own video game from EVERYDAYiPLAY, starting with just Vince and his brother.

Their mission for the first 2 years: turn video games into board games. First Fruit Ninja, then Kingdom Rush. And then Jetpack Joyride, which we love.

Recently, Lucky Duck has pivoted to games that use a unique style of app-augmentation (starting with Chronicles of Crime). The goal was to let a cell phone be central to the gameplay without being invasive: a “digital book”.

Lucky Duck is also the distributor for certain games in English, like Tang Garden – a game that’s reshaping what we think of board games, art, and perspective.

They’ve grown from 2 employees to 35. Wow!

Destinies, recently released, is a story-driven game that is unfortunately not appropriate for families. But there will be a children’s version coming!

Lucky Duck is one of the only companies currently investing in this digital/hybrid, trans-media type of game.

Lucky Duck Kids

Let’s talk about some kids games!

Kids Chronicles – by the same designer as Chronicles of Crime. This is set in a fairytale world. But there’s a huge difference in how kids experience the world between the ages of 6-8, which makes it hard to design for both ends of the age spectrum.

The answer was to design the game to be played *as a family*.

Yummy Yummy Monster Tummy just announced officially! – This is another hybrid board/app game. A silly color mixing game (based on Soviet Kitchen Unleashed from HYBR).

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