26 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Extended Play (Gotta Catch ‘Em All!)

pokemonThe games that keep on giving! We’re talking about expansions, collectibles, toys-to-life, and other game add-ons.

What we played this week:

Anomia (Speaking of expansions, we played with multiple decks)
Codenames (this is an AWESOME game)
Bring Your Own Book
Windup War, coming soon to Kickstarter. Review coming soon to The Family Gamers!
Mall Madness
Best Treehouse Ever
Galaxy Trucker (for iOS or Android. There’s also a board game. Created by Vlaada Chvátil, who also made Codenames.)

Let’s talk expansions and add-ons!
Toys-to-life games:
Disney Infinity
Lego Dimensions
Nintendo Amiibos

We often give Amiibos or Infinity figurines as gifts. It’s an easy way for relatives to buy a small-ish present and know it will be liked.

Miniature-based board games with a collectible element:
Krosmaster (Krosmaster Arena, Krosmaster Jr., or Krosmaster Quest – adds RPG elements)
Star Wars Imperial Assault
Star Wars X-Wing

Here’s the question Anitra asked on BoardGameGeek.

Expansion-able toys:
My Little Pony
American Girl, which is crazy expensive. We discuss the insanity of the American Girl store.

Collectible Card/Dice Games:
Pokemon CCG
Magic: The Gathering

Living Card Games. You have a little bit more control with these types of games. No blind packs, instead pre-crafted expansions/decks with specific themes. Examples:
Summoner Wars

Role Playing Games are easy to expand by adding content. Either through pre-made campaigns / plot settings, or create your own! Our favorite is Hero Kids.

Games with expansions or where multiple versions playable together:
Machi Koro
Ticket to Ride We cannot recommend the 1910 expansion enough for this game.
Colt Express
Mice & Mystics (Correction to the audio: there are only 2 expansions: Heart of Glorm and Downwood Tales)

“If you want plastic, buy LEGOs. Otherwise, stick with board games.”

We are getting ready for Boston Festival of Indie Games, coming up quickly on September 10. Family friendly and only focused on games! If you will be there, let us know, and we will meet up. You could be on the show!