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Snowbright Studio
Snowbright Studio

This week we are joined by T. Caires, who is now working with Snowbright Studio. Snowbright is an LGBTQ+ company working on making family-friendly games that are fun and meaningful.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Unmatched (T has started playing with Cobble & Fog, we recently reviewed Battle of Legends Volume 2)

Flip-Pix! – like Spot It! but with a mix of pictures and letters.

Viral: The Hive

Patchwork Express

Suspects (Hachette / Studio H)

A Gentle Rain – really does help with calming down and relaxing!


SNAP Review – Viral: The Hive expansion

We really loved this expansion to the area-control game Viral. Watch the video or read the transcript on the SNAP review page.

30:00 Snowbright Studio

T already told us a bit about the studio at the beginning of the show, so we get right into what they’re doing.

Teatime Adventures book

Teatime Adventures

This is an RPG that is focused on non-violent, “cozy” adventures. Every adventure in the book also has a recipe and a beverage recommendation! “Insanely wholesome and cute.”

Although the system is compatible with D&D 5e, the stats are different, written to make you think about how to use different skills. No “murder hobos” here!

Teatime Adventures RPG (find the digital book here)

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather: Western North America, is on Kickstarter now. What makes this game special?

T played the original version of the game around 2015 and Kickstarted it. It became a staple in their friend group, which became a problem since the game went out of print!

Teale, the designer, is an award-winning birder and obviously put a lot of love into making the game both accurate and fun.

Why “Western North America”? There’s a potential to make new versions, covering other parts of the world.

Eco-friendliness is a huge thing in this game! It is plastic-free and compostable, without sacrificing quality. No stretch goals on the Kickstarter, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The gameplay is not educational in and of itself, but there are real birds depicted with real facts. So Snowbright is partnering with Journey North, a community science organization that focuses on bird migration.

But also – they’re trying to get this game into schools and libraries. There are 100 copies already paid for (through the Kickstarter), and they haven’t had 100 teachers or librarians sign up yet!

Snowbright Studio is also partnering with 64 Ounce Game Store to provide accessibility kits – plastic Braille sleeves for the cards so that low-vision or blind players can play together with sighted people!

Birds of a Feather App – this holds the scoresheet (use less paper!) and… the solo game. It will be available to Kickstarter backers right away and will roll out to mobile app stores (for free) when the card game makes it to retail.

More about Snowbright Studios


Twitter: @SBrightStudio

Facebook: @SnowbrightStudio

Instagram: @Snowbright_Studio

Birds of a Feather Kickstarter runs through May 5: kickstarter.com/projects/snowbrightstudio/birds-of-a-feather-western-north-america

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