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291 facts! The 291 art gallery and a new women’s deadlift record of 291kg.

What We’ve Been Playing

Mountains out of Molehills
Campfire Smokeout (prototype game from friendly game designer Jeff Johnston)

Peek a Mouse

SNAP Review – Peek-a-Mouse

Listen to Andrew and Anitra describe this adorable game of observation and memory. Better yet, watch the video!

Kirk Hamilton, Strong Songs

Kirk Hamilton runs the podcast Strong Songs, where every two weeks he analyzes music – what makes a song great? Is it the “thump, pop, and sizzle” of the drum groove? Is it power chords or lush 7ths and 9ths? Is it amazing vocals? Kirk uses music theory to break down songs you’ve heard before and WHY they’re great.

(Anitra) I’ve learned to appreciate songs that I previously would never listen to (Blood & Thunder) or that I thought were cheesy (Dancing Queen, September).

And somehow, Kirk has figured out how to do this in a way that appeals not only to music nerds but also to folks who have very little music theory background!

It wouldn’t be The Family Gamers podcast if we didn’t talk about board games. Kirk shares a little of his experience with Gloomhaven!

Kirk asks us to keep an open mind when it comes to music, because a lot of work went into any song you hear.

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Outro music is used by permission from Kirk Hamilton.