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Episode 296
Boardgames and Reading

Anitra wrote a blog post about using boardgames to build reading skills! But first…

296 Facts!

The longest freight train in the US used 296 freight cars (pulled by 9 locomotives). Normally, freight trains in the US are limited to about 2/3 this size due to the limits of air brake technology.

There were exactly 296 games released for the Nintendo 64 in the NTSC format (the format used in the US and most of Europe).

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What We’ve Been Playing

Quacks of Quedlinburg
Under Falling Skies (our review)
Sunny Day Sardines (review below)
Railroad Ink Challenge: Lush Green
Point Salad
Watergate (our review)
The Whatnot Cabinet

MONTHLY REPORT for May (whoops, we missed March & April)

Andrew – 13 plays of 11 games (H-index 2). Most played: The Goonies & Sunny Day Sardines

Anitra – 39 plays of 20 games (H-index 3). Most played: Railroad Ink Challenge, Under Falling Skies, Unmatched


Young listener Zach writes “I demand a fact” and prefers absurd facts.

Michael from The Gameschooler Podcast also sent an email with the subject line “I demand a fact”.

Podcasting can feel like no one is listening. We challenge you to send an email or message this week to a podcaster you enjoy listening to.

Sunny Day Sardines

SNAP Review – Sunny Day Sardines

What do we think of this very simple, very compact game? Watch the video or read the transcript of our review of Sunny Day Sardines.

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Boardgames and Reading

Based on Anitra’s blog post.

And don’t worry if your kid is taking a while to learn to read!

Plus, Board games that can be played with NO READING at all:

For little kids (not even written numbers): memory, It’s a Small World, any HABA yellow-box game, Go Away Monster, Dragomino, My First Castle Panic

Family games that older kids will love: Gnomes at Night, Drop It, Mmm!, Cinco Linko, Spot It, Maze Racers, Battle Sheep

For an even more “grown up” feel: Mountains, Bees: The Secret Kingdom (without beehive cards), Century: Golem Edition


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