298 – Looking Forward to Summer – The Family Gamers Podcast

Episode 298 – Looking Forward to Summer

This week, we’re looking forward to summer, with resources for playing games with kids, and a short discussion of what we’re looking forward to playing with our extra time.

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What We’ve Been Playing

So Clover (Repos Productions)
Master Word (IELLO)
Unmatched: Jurassic Park – Dr. Sattler vs. T. Rex (Restoration Games – review below)
Freight Cars (Quick Simple Fun)
Point Salad (AEG)
Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuits (The Op – our review)
The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance (Twogether Studios)
Trekking the World (Underdog Games)
Raccoon Robbers (Pegasus Spiele)
Micro Macro Crime City (Pegasus Spiele)
First Rat (Pegasus Spiele)

Unmatched Jurassic Park

SNAP Review – Unmatched Jurassic Park Dr. Sattler vs. T.Rex

Who doesn’t want to play as a ruthless, enormous dinosaur that can bite people’s heads off? But Dr. Sattler and Dr. Malcolm are pretty great if you’re a fan of the original Jurassic Park movie.

Read the transcript or watch the video for this SNAP review.

Welcome new community members

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Summer Time!

We highly recommend the Gameschool Coop Summer challenges and resources. Find them at gameschoolcoop.com/summer/ or check the Gameschool Adventures Meeple Badges for more challenges.

Andrew and Anitra both pick 3 games they’re really looking forward to playing this summer.

Games to play outside in the summer:

Draftosaurus (even our review has some pictures taken outside)

Sorcerer City (takes up a lot of space, but we don’t think it has any components that will blow away)

Games we just really want to play (or play more):

Three Sisters

Marvel Dice Throne

Games that make us think summer:

Juicy Fruits

Cape May (Thunderworks – probably won’t appeal to our kids)

(Creature Comforts almost made the list, but that seems more like a fall game.)

What games are YOU going to play this summer?

Maybe one of the ones we are giving away?

Check out the episode 300 giveaway!

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