30 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Winning

first place gold cup

Do you let your kids win? That’s our pressing question for the week. How do you teach graceful winning and losing?What we played this week:

Ticket to Ride (we highly recommend the 1910 expansion as well)


Go Bong!

Rhino Hero (made by HABA who also makes Zitternix / Keep It Steady –  one of our favorites)

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Super Smash Bros (for Wii U)

Check out our review of Gimme 5.


Obviously, winning and losing gracefully is a hugely important skill that kids need to learn, the sooner the better. Our recommendation: Don’t “let” your kid win! Apply a handicap, on purpose, explaining what you’re doing. Then when your kid beats you, they will have learned good strategy, and they will feel the real sense of accomplishment that they have won!

Explain strategy to your children as you’re playing; both what you are doing (and why) and what options are good for them. And play co-operative games!