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Episode 306
Room to Grow: Dice Set Collection


The year 306 CE is when Constantine the Great began his reign, and is the turning point between the Ancient era and the Middle Ages.

Fact 2: Declaration for Federal Employment, Optional Form 306

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Tall Tales: A Competitive Story-Writing Game (our review)

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SNAP Review – Pavlov’s Dogs

Can you follow the rules? Of course you can.

But can you remember them all?

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Topic: Room to Grow – Dice Set Collection

Our goal with Room to Grow is to bring your kids through a series of games that grow in complexity. We do our best to start with a game that shows a mechanic or play style very simply, and then move up to a game that is a little more complex, and then one even more complex.

What is dice set collection? Think Yahtzee. You’re rolling dice, usually with some re-rolls allowed, trying to get a certain result spread out among many dice (a straight, two/three/four of a kind, etc.)

Very Simple Dice Sets: Roll for It!

Roll for It! is a wonderfully simple family game from Chris Leder and published by Calliope Games. Roll as many dice as you currently have, then assign some to cards that are out on the table. If you can match all the dice values on a specific card, you get that card (worth points) and all dice assigned to that card are returned to their owners.

Nick Martinelli loves playing Roll for It! with his Nonnie, and reviewed it for The Family Gamers.

This is a dice rolling game that doesn’t require reading and doesn’t even really require any math.

Now With Battling Monsters: King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo (Iello) is the classic “battle Yahtzee”. Roll dice, re-roll a few if needed. You need sets of 3 to get points from the dice roll. But energy, smash, and health will always give you a benefit, and don’t need a set.

This is more complex in two ways: first, because you’re doing more than just making dice sets, you’re also trying to damage each other and move in and out of Tokyo, and secondly because you can buy cards for more benefits.

More Set Collection, More Smashing: Dice Throne

Dice Throne adds another layer of complexity. Roll dice and re-roll, aiming for specific collections to allow you to use different abilities. Of course, you can do much more than just attack – you can also defend, heal, spend “combat points” to upgrade abilities and change die values.

Pay attention to how complex your chosen character is! Some are very straighforward, but some are challenging to play well.

There are lots of options available. We reviewed Dice Throne Season 1 and part of Season 2 and we have really been enjoying Marvel Dice Throne.

We like it best as a two-player game, although you can play with more as a team game or a free for all.

Still Want More?

We addressed substitutes for Yahtzee in episode 206.

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