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Welcome Suz! Restoration Games is releasing a digital version of their hit game Unmatched, and we’ll talk about it today.

309 Fact

Andrew found a cookbook with 309 BBQ recipes from 60 different countries! The book is called Planet Barbecue! and it’s got me hungry.

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echoes (Ravensburger) – a sound-based mystery game!
Get on Board (iello) – and find it on Board Game Arena
Top Trumps Match (our review) – a great end-of-day game.
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Aldabas game

SNAP Review – Aldabas: Doors of Cartagena

Knock, knock! We review this card-placement game themed around door knockers in historic Cartagena.

Watch the video or read the transcript of our Aldabas review.

Unmatched Digital Edition

Unmatched is coming to an online device near you! It’s not just a rules engine to play against other people (as you might see with Board Game Arena). Impressively, there’s an AI (with multiple difficulty levels) for solo play.

Although the plan is to eventually have all the public-domain characters available, the Steam early access edition currently only contains the characters and battlefields from Battle of Legends: Volume 1. Once it’s ready for full release, it will also include Little Red and Beowulf.

As more options are added, you will be able to pick up individual characters and battlefields, or use a “season pass” to get everything as it is released.

Through the work of Acram Digital, Unmatched: Digital Edition will be available on Steam, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch – with full cross-compatibility! Play with the same user account anywhere, and play against your friends, no matter what platform they’re using. When? Probably early in 2023.

Tentative price for the Steam version: $19.99 for the base game and $24.99 for the season pass. Mobile will probably be less.

The Unmatched community

Unmatched has some really avid fans – but they’re also very welcoming to newbies.

The fans have already been playing “online” with Tabletop Simulator and Vorpal Board.

Find the online community on Discord and on Reddit.

Don’t forget about fan-made decks! You can create your own or check out the thousands of fan-made decks on Unmatched.cards.

More coming from Restoration Games

Unmatched: Houdini vs. Genie

Crossbows and Catapults – this was one of the most-requested games for Restoration to bring back

Thunder Road: Vendetta

Omega Virus

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