312 – ESSEN Excitement!

Essen Spiel '22
Essen Spiel '22

312 fact – Incredible Hulk #312 changed the origin story for the Hulk! The monster already exists inside Bruce Banner because of his father’s abuse and was simply unleashed by gamma radiation.

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For Science!

We try Louisville Vegan Jerky sent to us by a listener.

Verdict: not bad! We’d definitely buy this for the vegetarians in our life.

What We’ve Been Playing

Get on Board (our review)
Fire Tower – with the Firehawk expansion. Especially useful for a way that gives eliminated players a way to influence the rest of the game.
Onitama (our 2017 review)
Delicious (review coming soon!)
Sobek (new 2-player version)
Dead & Breakfast

Welcome new members

We welcome the newest members to our Facebook community. Stop in and say hi!

Jekyll vs Hyde

SNAP Review – Jekyll vs Hyde

We love this two player trick taking game, and we give it a perfect rating in our review. See the video or read the transcript.

Essen Spiel ’22 Preview

Just a smattering of what we’re interested in at Essen. We are trying to focus on games we are unlikely to see at PAX Unplugged in December.

Coral (2Tomatoes)
Dedalo’s (ATOMO Games)
Story Colors (ATOMO Games)
ZombieLife Insurance (Capital Gains)
Laniakea (Clemens Gerhards)
Tokaido Duo (FunForge)
Awimbawé (Explor8)
Papageno (Helvetiq)
Space Craft (Granna)
Stack n’ Stuff: A Patchwork Game (Lookout Games) – for kids!
Ice Floes & Foes (Keep Exploring Games)
Cyberdoom Tower (Little Rocket Games)
Flashback: Zombie Kidz (Scorpion Masque)
Order Overload: Cafe (Oink Games)
Karak: Regent expansion (KOSMOS)

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