Episode 327 – Top Anticipated Games for 2023

Anticipated Games for 2023
Anticipated Games for 2023

We’ve been looking back at 2022, but this week we look ahead to 2023, with Family Gamer extraordinaire, Nick Martinelli!

327 fact

Supernatural TV Show – 327 episodes

Loopin Louie – is game 327 on Board Game Geek

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What We’ve Been Playing

Horrified and Horrified: American Monsters
Jekyll vs. Hyde
Three Sisters
Turing Machine
Zombie Kidz Evolution
Chronicles of Avel
Star Trek: Super-Skill Pinball – Trouble with Tribbles has more player interaction
Mada – review coming this week.
Gizmos – great but too many icons

Head Spin

SNAP Review – Head Spin

Head Spin is a fast-moving puzzle game for two players. There are ten different kinds of puzzles to solve – can you do them faster than your opponent?

Watch the video or read the transcript of our Head Spin review.

Games Coming in 2023

What are we really hyped for this year?

Andrew picked three categories of games: ones we know are coming and are excited for, games we’ve been anticipating for a while, and games that we “want to want” but might not work for us.

Flashback: Zombie Kidz (Scorpion Masque / Hachette) – our kids are going to love it. Entirely different than the other Zombie Kidz games, but set in the same universe with the same characters. Available NOW!

Fit to Print (Peter McPherson & Flatout Games) – use tiles to layout a newspaper front page.

Thunder Road: Vendetta (Restoration Games) – Mad Max road carnage. Nick is looking forward to his Kickstarter arriving.

Qawale (Gigamic / Hachette) – Another gorgeous Gigamic abstract; Mancala meets Tic-Tac-Toe.

Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum (Hot Banana Games) – we first saw a prototype in 2020. The final version looks fantastic!

Sauscharf (Wolfgang Kramer & AMIGO) – make sets and trade them in to make hot sauce!


Miller Zoo (Randolph / Hachette) – based on a real zoo in Quebec. Cooperatively take care of the animals in the zoo! Appropriate for ages 8+ but with some depth – only 30 minutes and up to 6 players.

Stampfarm (DV Games) – a roll-and-write for little kids! Instead of “writing”, you’ll use stamps based on what you rolled.

Unmatched: Teen Spirit and Unmatched: King and Country (Restoration Games) – Andrew and Anitra want this BAD. We think the various Marvel-themed sets would be a good place to start playing Unmatched with a kid.

Bonsai (DV Games) – build out a bonsai tree with hex tiles.

We “want to want” these two games:

My Island – another legacy game, sucessor to My City.

My City: Roll and Build – another successor, sounds like not a legacy game.

Honorable mention: Camel Up card game

What games are you looking forward to in 2023?

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