34 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Dennis Hoyle from Bellwether Games

Bellwether Games

We talk this week to Dennis Hoyle, one of the founders of Bellwether Games. We discuss a few of the games Bellwether Games publishes:

The Princess and the Goblin – a maze-building, path-discovery game based on the George MacDonald story of the same name.

Coldwater Crown – a fishing puzzle game. Figure out how to catch the right fish at the right time.

Windup War – the Family Gamers reviewed this game and we also backed it on Kickstarter. Should be shipping by July! You can pre-order it if you missed the Kickstarter campaign.

Antidote and the expansion, Antidote: Lab Alliance which is coming to Kickstarter in March.

Since Bellwether publishes a variety of games, Dennis talks about his philosophy of game publishing. “Release and produce the best games possible.”

Dennis even gives some tips to first-time game designers, starting around 22:00.

You can find more information about Bellwether Games at their website, bellwethergames.com. Also on Twitter @bellwethergames, Facebook and Instagram.

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