Episode 341 – GAMA and Skybound Update with Matt Faulisi

Thanks so much to Matt Faulisi for coming on the podcast! We talk about what we’ve been playing and upcoming games from Skybound.

341 Fact

Edmund Halley is best known for charting a comet, but he also discovered 341 stars only visible in southern hemisphere!

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First, GAMA – which is a retailer & distributor conference. Then Matt traveled to the Skybound office in LA. Next, Toronto!

Andrew & Anitra were in Breckenridge, Colorado, and then Andrew traveled to North Carolina.

Games We’ve Been Playing

Revive (Aporta / Devir)
Green Team Wins – a favorite at Andrew’s company gathering. Currently out of stock but should be coming to Target soon!
Numbsters (linked below)
Anomia (see our reviews for Anomia Pop Culture and Anomia Kids)
Wild Tiled West (from Dire Wolf) – coming later this year
Freshwater Tank
Birds of a Feather: Western North America

SNAP Review – Numbsters

Did you know that 7 “ate” 9? Try to keep eating every number in the deck in this fast-moving and compact solo game from Button Shy.

Anitra reviews Numbsterswatch the whole video or read the transcript.

Numbsters hand of cards

Matt Faulisi, GAMA and Skybound

Skybound is no longer partnered with Druid City Games. They had partnered to make games like Tidal Blades, Sorcerer City, and Wonderland’s War. (See James Hudson & Druid City Games for updates on those.) So now Skybound is back to small, party-like games: Superfight, Trial by Trolley, etc.

New games coming this year!

Whine Night (available now)
Boo-ty Call – “Mysterium meets Skyfall” best for 17+ (available now)
No Context (from Mr. Lovenstein) – feels a little like Similo and a little like Joking Hazard – coming in May (pre-order here)
Trial by Trolley expansion “Travel by Trolley” – coming in June
Kiss the Goblin – indicate your (randomly selected) alignment by answering a prompt – coming in July
Pirate Tails – squirrels hiding nuts with set-based scoring

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