Episode 347 – Board Games with BoardGamingMama!

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Welcome to Heather, the Board Gaming Mama!

347 Fact

There’s evidence oil wells going back to 347 AD! Chinese drills made of bamboo got to over 200 meters deep.


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Games We’ve Been Playing

Favor: Gods of Oethera (prototype from Lichenwood Games)
Miller Zoo (Randolph / Hachette)
Avant Carde (prototype from Resonym – coming to Kickstarter in July)
Block and Key (Inside Up Games)
Stampfarm (dV Games)
Power Failure (Artana / Genius Games)
Flamecraft (our review) – even better with Levity Games stickers!

Andrew and Anitra hold Blob Party

SNAP Review – Blob Party

A simple and silly game where you try to match word guesses with as many other players as possible. Squishy dough characters mark each team – squish them together into a MEGA BLOB when you match!

There’s nothing particularly inventive here, but it was a lot of fun. Watch our video or read the transcript of the review.

Board Gaming Mama

Heather is best known for playing board games on Twitch.

How did you get started in board gaming?

Heather has been playing board games since she was a kid. She loves how board games can bring us together and foster community!

After she was married, a friend of her husband’s introduced her to Castles of Mad King Ludwig. She kept trying more and more games, and started posting pictures of the games to her personal Instagram account.

Where did Board Gaming Mama come from?

Then she created an Instagram account specifically for boardgames, four years ago.

“I started with just the intention of posting pictures and… introducing games to people.”

About a year in, Outset Media sent her a big box of games to play and show off on her channel. This led into reviews, previews, and unboxings.

Why not try streaming, too? It’s a great way to do both board games & video games (starting in January 2021).

In December 2021, her TikTok blew up with an escape room advent calendar.

You mentioned your job. Does that have to do with board games, too?

Whatz Games reached out to Heather in October. She now works in sales for that company, a board game manufacturer.

What’s new with Board Gaming Mama?

Heather intends to start making short set-up / tear-down / turn-order videos to help people enjoy their games. We discuss some of our tips for easier set-up and clean up, like making starter packs.

New Podcast!

Andrew and Heather are both participating in the new podcast The Corner Game Table (formerly Dice Dads). Episode 1 (actually episode 9?) is now available!

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She usually streams Wed & Sat around 8pm ET… and plenty of other times too.

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