Episode 348 – Our 5 Favorite Magical Games!

Knowledge & Magic

Let’s talk about our favorite games with a magical theme!

348 Fact

The largest exposed sandstone monolith (exposed rock mountain) is Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), rising 348m above its surrounding plain.


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What We’ve Been Playing

Avant Carde
Miller Zoo
Merchants of Magick (our review)
Andrew’s prototype game!
Dice Hunters of Therion

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Stampfarm game

SNAP Review – Stampfarm

Roll the dice and fill your farm with animals! Take a look at this simple roll-and-stamp game from dV Games.

Read the transcript or watch the video of our review.

Magical Games

What are some games we really like with a magical theme?

Elliot likes Magic: The Gathering “it has magic in the name!” He likes being able to play in a way that doesn’t require a lot of strategy (even though he’ll rarely win).

Asher really likes Magic: The Gathering also. “My favorite kind of games are the super-long ones where it feels like you get to do a bunch in them.” There are five colors you can focus on; his favorite combination is blue & red.

Claire loves Merchants of Magick, which is one of Andrew’s favorites too. “it feels different than any other roll and write I’ve played.”

Anitra’s favorite game with magic is Atheneum: Mystic Library (our review). It combines magic with books and how to organize them! It’s about a library, but obviously a magical library, with books moving around and different powers. The books also have hilarious titles.

Atheneum books on shelves
Love reading those titles!

Andrew almost picks Roll Player, “but that’s a lame answer”. He also thinks about Ethnos and Potion Explosion. In the end he lands on Magic Maze, a cooperative game where you’re not allowed to talk. Every player can move every character, but only in specific directions. Magic Maze really introduced some unique new elements to gaming.

What games do you think are magical?

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