Episode 350 – Right-Sizing Your Game Collection

Episode 350 - Right Sizing Your Game Collection
Episode 350 - Right Sizing Your Game Collection

It’s a milestone episode! This time we’re talking about getting your game collection to the right size. How much is too much? Do you have too many games, too few, or just right?

350 Fact

The real d’Artagnan (later immortalized in The Three Musketeers) died 350 years ago.

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Avant Cardereview out today. Avant Carde is coming to Kickstarter NEXT WEEK!
Pandemic Legacy Season 0
Miller Zoo

Monthly Report: June 2023

Andrew: 19 plays of 11 games, H-index: 2 (Avant Carde, Andrew’s prototype game, Dice Hunters of Therion, Jekyll vs. Hyde, Miller Zoo)

Anitra: 40 plays of 24 games, H-index: 3 (Dice Hunters of Therion, Avant Carde, Miller Zoo, Stampfarm, GROVE)


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Power Failure game

SNAP Review – Power Failure

Build power plants and generate power – but you’ll have to carefully stack “carbon blocks”, adding another challenge to this power-generating game!

Watch the video (“I have the power!”) or read the transcript of our review.

Topic – Right-Sizing the Game Collection

“How many games is too many games? There’s no such number!” … as catchy as that song is, it’s not true.

What does right-sizing your collection mean in terms of size and maintenance? How do you determine what is best for you?

Think about the restrictions of your environment – some people are more restricted by space, some are more restricted by desires and needs of the rest of their family.

What constitutes your collection?

Anitra talks about the way our family’s collection is organized.

Andrew asks about how we make the decisions to refine our collection.

“Am I going to want to [play] this again?” is the very first step. Then we ask ourselves about whether we have other games that do similar things, how much room this particular game needs, etc.

harmwiggins on Threads has very limited room and so “We do all the tricks – expansions in base box, small box versions of games like Azul and Hive, smaller box and similar games preferred over larger – to make it work.”

Recognize what actually makes it to the table in your house – and also what other access you have to games! Does your library lend out games? Do you have good gamer friends who you play with often? Do you attend conventions where you can play other people’s games?

Moving on from a good game does not make it less of a good game!

And take hypotheticals out (“this game would be perfect for this situation that might not ever happen”).

As our kids grow, our collections will change – and that’s OK!

Crowdfunding! When you pledge a crowd-funded project, you are making the decision of “should I add this to my collection” now, but leaving the consequences for future you. Will you have enough space and time when the game finally arrives?

The reason this is hard is because our expectations don’t match reality.


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