Episode 353 – Danielle Reynolds Does It All!

Danielle Reynolds
Danielle Reynolds

Welcome Danielle! Danielle Reynolds is a project manager, game designer, podcast host, and general tabletop games volunteer.

353 Fact

The country code to call Ireland!

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What We’ve Been Playing

Dune Imperium
Robot Quest Arena
Pan Am (our review)
Ticket to Ride: UK
Blob Party (our review)
Mission to Planet Hexx
Cape May

Nerd Words: Science

SNAP Review – Nerd Words: Science

This is pretty much the total opposite of Blob Party!

Nerd Words: Science is a challenging clue giving game that’s best for larger teams of adults and teenage science students.

Watch the video to see how to give clues, bid points, and guess answers.

All about Danielle

Danielle’s new job is as a Project Manager at Wise Wizard Games, where she does game development, working with manufacturers, art direction, and more.

UnPub, for game designers

She’s also on the board for UnPub, game convention/events for Unpublished Game Network. Primarily graphic design, but she also volunteers her time at various conventions. She highly recommends the speed-pitch events.

What would you say to someone who is going to their first UnPub event with a game they designed?

Danielle describes the process of signing up and setting up your table.

Further advice? Have a sell sheet, be friendly, and have a quick pitch to invite people to play. Be OK giving up a seat and just observing others play your game. Handwriting your notes makes it clear that you’re not goofing off on your phone! Not taking notes at all is also bad.

“You don’t need to change your game to someone’s opinion. But if you hear the same thing a few times, you might need to consider some changes.”

Danielle describes her biggest mistake as a new designer – walking up to publishers at GenCon and trying to pitch her game(s) without an appointment. (The people in the booth are frazzled and not ready to step away for that!)

Danielle’s Games

Danielle loves to design games! We’ve talked a lot about HerStory already, but she also has:

No Filter
WatchMojo Top 10 Party Game
eBay Buy it Now

and more games coming out soon… something with animals, family friendly!

“I’m really good at making party games.” But she’s thrilled with the impact HerStory has had.

Groups for Gamers

Director of Tabletop Gaymers – Danielle does graphic design, including cute pins! The mission of the group is to make a safe space for LGBTQ gamers at conventions and help them find each other.

She’s also an admin of a Facebook group for women and femme-presenting individuals: Board Game Besties on Facebook.

And don’t forget about the Young Inventor Challenge – great for kids who are designing games!


Danielle hosts Game Design Unboxed – sponsored by AllPlay and hosted by Know Direction.

Last but not least, you should also check out the Tabletop Mentorship Program… as soon as they open up again.

Find Danielle online:

Twitter (X): @tokengaymer
Bluesky: @tokengaymer
Instagram: @tokengaymer


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