Episode 356 – Top 10 Games for Kids 7-10


Episode 356

Top 10 Games for Kids 7-10

We took a break for a while from our age-segregated lists. But now we’re back at it!

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The Porsche 356 was retired in 1965. It was replaced by the much better-known Porsche 911.

But also! Montana State Code (Title 61, Chapter 8, Part 356) is also about cars – and how any car left for 48 hours on public property can be considered “abandoned”.

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What We’ve Been Playing

We had a great time at CuseCon last week!

Monthly Report September

Andrew: 17 (or 18) games played. H-index: 2 (prototypes & Mind Space)

Anitra: H-index: 3, with 36 unique games played 64 times. Most played: Naturopolis, Mind Space, Junk Drawer, and Forage (go check out the video!)

More About Games

Mind Space – a new game from AllPlay which re-implements Yojohan Pepa Saikei, a Japanese game Anitra loved at PAX East 2022.

First in Flight – from Artana. A deck-building game where players race to attempt the longest powered flight.

Horrified: Greek Monsters – new thematic powers, and most monsters have a “lair” you must find.

Space Base – Anitra finally learned this game. A big improvement over Machi Koro.

Deep Dive – coming from AEG. Surprisingly simple press-your-luck game where your penguins “dive” into progressively deeper levels to find more and more valuable tiles – but try to avoid predators!

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Forage - placing Edwood Mouse

SNAP Preview – Forage

Anitra previews Forage, the sequel to Grove. Layer cards to “upgrade” counters from low values to high values, with an autumnal harvesting theme. It’s currently on Kickstarter.

Watch the video or read the transcript.

Top Ten (ish) Games for Ages 7-10

Kids this age are really drawn by theme. So that’s how we structured this list!

  1. Zombies: Zombie Kidz Evolution.
  2. Superheroes: 5 Minute Marvel or Marvel United.
  3. Cute Food: Sushi Go!, although Anitra prefers Abandon All Artichokes for beginners, or Go Nuts for Donuts. Sushi Go! Spin Some for Dim Sum sounds good, but we haven’t tried it. (They’re all cheap! Get more than one!)
  4. Dragons & Fantasy: Tsuro, Dragonwood, or Tea Dragon Society Card Game.
  5. Giant Monsters: King of Tokyo.
  6. Car Racing: Downforce,
  7. City Building: Happy City (Kingdomino is also great, of course).
  8. Movement: IceCOOL 2.
  9. Disney: Codenames Disney, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Epic Alliances. Shoutout to Disney Lorcana.
  10. Everything else: Similo, in whatever theme appeals.

See the expanded form of the list on our website, and check out the poll on our Facebook group.

Contest Winner

Chosen by random number: Judah W. will be winning a complete set of the Holiday Hijinks escape room games.

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