Episode 362 – Our Top Ten Games of 2023

The Family Gamers Top 10 Games of 2023
The Family Gamers Top 10 Games of 2023

362 Fact

According to WikiFanona, there are currently 362 episodes of the incredibly popular television show NCIS. (But it’s still in production, so there will be more.)

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What We’ve Been Playing

Seven Bridges – a roll-and-write that feels different from any other.
Tesseract (our review)
Smug Owls (review coming soon)
Unmatched: Sun’s Origin (Tomoe Gozen & Oda Nobunaga)
Oh What Fun! (last year’s review)
Motley (review coming)
Trio (review coming – we recommend!)

Monthly Report and Year in Review!

Anitra’s December: 45 plays of 27 unique games. Learned Camel Up on New Year’s Eve! H-index 3: Trio, Skyrockets, Tesseract, Smug Owls.

Andrew’s December: 28 of 17 unique games. H-index 3: Tesseract, Trio, Smug Owls.

Andrew’s 2023: 288 plays of 148 unique games. H-index: 4. Most played: “Unpublished Prototype”, Unmatched, Jekyll vs. Hyde, FORK. 64% of plays at home.

Anitra’s 2023: 564 plays of 210 unique games. H-index: 9 – Calypso, Unmatched, Numbsters, GROVE, Roll to the Top, River Wild, Forage, Wildtails, Turbo Kidz. 2 players is most often: 37% of the time. Next most common is 3 players and solo, which each get 18%. 67% of plays were at home.

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Ecosystem Savanna

SNAP Review – Ecosystem: Savanna

This sequel in the Ecosystem series is more family-friendly and fun!

This card-drafting, tableau-building game is a great way to learn or review facts about animals that live in the African savanna.

Watch the video or read the transcript.

Top Ten Games of 2023

Andrew came up with a way to rank our top games and allow for overlap: we each distributed 10 points among our top 6 games. It worked! We have a top ten.

At one point each, our bottom five:

Unmatched (see our previous reviews)
Her Story (our review)
Smug Owls
Disney Animated (our review)

At two points each:

Junk Drawer (our review)
Roll to the Top: Journeys (our review)
Turbo Kidz (our review)

Our #2 game, with three points:

Illiterati (our review)


Our top game, at a combined FIVE points:

boop. (our review)

cat booping another cat

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