54 – The Family Gamers – Top Games to Play Outside

Picnic table

On this episode, we discuss what makes a board game good for playing outside, like at a picnic!

Notable games from the last two weeks:


Problem Picnic

Sports Dice: Baseball (in stores late summer)


Good games to bring to a picnic


  • quick to play or easy to drop in
  • heavy duty pieces (no cards, not much cardboard). Little to blow away or get jostled.
  • light difficulty. Something most ages can play, won’t be so heavy you can’t talk to each other.



Digit’y Do (previously reviewed)

Celebrity (see episode 35)

Trivia games that don’t require a board, like Parent Quiz or Box of Rocks

light games with heavy-duty pieces: Can’t Stop, Battle Sheep, Chinese checkers

What about Hanabi Deluxe? One of our favorite mind-bending card games, now with heavy domino-style tiles instead of cards. Downside: the tiles get scratched easily, not good in a game where you shouldn’t be able to tell what you’re “holding” by looking at the back of the tile.

Dice games, as long as you have a flat surface to roll on: Tenzi, Batman Dice, Zombie Dice, Go Nuts, Qwixx

More tactile games, like: Maze Racers, Cube Quest, Dr. Eureka

Kingdomino, possibly.

“Think outside the box” – really! What does your favorite game look like while it’s being played? That will help you determine if it is a good outdoor, “picnic” game.


Any of your favorites we missed? Let us know in the comment section, or on Facebook.