60 – The Family Gamers Podcast – GenCon, or GenCan’t?

What We’ve Been Playing:

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Robo Diner

Purrrlock Holmes


Windup War


Roll Player

Batman Fluxx


Potion Explosion

Silly Street



Whistle Stop

Our listener Nick M (@ShredDemon) tweeted us a selfie with Andy Geremia!

His highlights include:

Fireball island from Restoration Games was the most exciting news for me. (Remake of Fireball Island circa 1986. Molded plastic board with tiki idol in the raised middle. Periodically spits out “fireball” marbles that roll down the mountain, knocking over pawns or destroying bridges.)

Santorini & 5 Minute Dungeon both sold out on the first day at GenCon.

(5 Minute Dungeon: cooperatively escape a randomized dungeon – in under 5 minutes. Use the cards in your hand to fight monsters and the final boss.)

Century: Golem Edition – Plan B’s popular Century: Spice Road, re-themed. Manga-like illustrations, beautiful crystals as currency.

Stuffed Fables

Tiny Park photo from Nick M.

HABA Tiny Park – basically Barenpark for kids!

Slide Blast photo from Nick M.

Slide Blast (FoxMind) looks fun.

Everyone was tweeting about Clank! In! Space! Still a deckbuilder, still traverse the board trying not to make too much noise. Board fits together like a puzzle. More compact than the original Clank!




Welcome to Dino World – PnP roll and write game. Build a dinosaur theme park, and try to avoid having too many “incidents”. James O’Connor (Stellaris Games), illustrated by Beth Sobel (Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, World’s Fair, Coldwater Crown, Viticulture, etc.)

Photo contest – http://www.gencant.com/2017-photo-contest-winners/