65 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Boston FIG 2017

Boston FIG

It’s our favorite time of year! We discuss our favorite games from Boston FIG, with special guest, Corey Lagunowich. Then, listen to interviews from the show floor with Andrew.

Notable tabletop games

Pitman by Wild East Games (in progress)

Baon: The Game of Leftovers by Brainstein Games

Cake Duel by Sizigi Studios (Kickstarter completed, should be shipping by December. $25)

Prom – a protoype still in the playtesting stage by Oxford Street Games

Takeout – a set collection game

Pinball Showdown from Shoot Again Games – Andrew liked this game so much, he bought it as soon as he played it.

Shiki by Alex Garens – a haiku-building word game. Very relaxing and chill. Corey: “The Bob Ross card game… Happy little poems repair frienships”.

Rainbow Octopus by Cray Cray Games – A card game to build an octopus with each tentacle a different color. Notable because of the multiple difficulty levels – easiest is playable by a 4-year-old, but hardest becomes a fun game for 12+. Still in development.

Gut Instinct by Best Coast Games – in early playtesting. Play as white blood cells in the gut, destroying bad bacteria and using good bacteria to boost your power.

Biome Builder by Killer Snails – winner of FIG Best Family Tabletop Game (Kickstarter completed. Review coming soon?)

Notable digital games

King of the HAT – Anitra was wrong. It is near release. Back King of the HAT on Kickstarter now – this game is pure gold! Winner of the FIG Audience Choice award.

Pollywog Pond – we’ve mentioned this preschool educational game in the past, but it is finally out!

Exposure: A Game of Camouflage from The Sheep’s Meow – an abstract game, coming soon to Steam and Xbox ONE.

Splats from Unruly Studios – a toy that can teach kids coding (with Scratch) so they can make their own active games (jumping, racing, whack-a-mole inspired games). Coming soon to Kickstarter; we expect to spend quite a lot of money on these.

Make Sail from PopCannibal – beautiful exploration game with very realistic sailing. No real story, but if you like sailing or you like exploration games, you might like it.

Magic Moving Mansion Mania – puzzle game for iOS / Android where you swap tiles to guide the constantly-walking princess to her throne. Winner of Best Student Digital Game. Free!

Battery Boy – an endless runner game tied to the battery level of your mobile device. Difficulty level increases as your (real) battery level decreases.


Rainbow Octopus with Josh Degregorio

Breaking Games / AdMagic with Shari Spiro (Sparkle Kitty, Letter Tycoon, Game of 49 Gold Rush Edition, Moonquake Escape, Rise of Tribes, Billionaire Banshee, Game of Phones, Boomtown Bandits)

Pinball Showdown with Diane Sauer

King of the HAT with Ben Palevsky

Pollywog Pond with Bill Culbertson

Unruly Splats with Bryanne Leeming


That’s it for this week. Did we forget your favorite game from Boston FIG? Tell us in the comment section. Until next time, play games with your kids!


  • Martin Swinger

    It was a great festival. Am surprised that the Rainbow Quest! tabletop board game wasn’t mentioned.

    • Andrew Smith

      Hi Martin! Thanks so much for coming to the site. In truth there were lots and lots of games we just didn’t have the chance to get to, even with three people at the show. Chasing kids around takes a lot of time, unfortunately! I hope you enjoyed the episode!