67 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Scream or Die Interview

Scream or Die

We have a great Halloween-themed game to share with you this week. Dennis Michael Sawyers from Amber Palace Games joins us. His game Scream or Die is a family-friendly dice game for 2-8 players.Each player plays as a cute monster attempting to collect the most candy on Halloween. Rolling the dice is done by one player at a time, but all other players may spend “scream tokens” to influence the rolls. All players stay invested on each turn, since they may collect candy on other players’ rolls.

Dennis tells us where the name Scream or Die came from. Remember the NES game “Skate or Die”? That gave the team a clever idea so they could still make it obvious this is a dice game.

We love the art. The monsters aren’t scary, but they are still obviously monsters, paying homage to the style of old monster movies. The symbolism is strong and it all ties together well.

Players may choose male or female versions of any monster type, which is a nice feature, especially in a kids’ game. We wish more games did that.

Andrew and Anitra enjoyed this filler game, and found it easy to teach to kids, too. Would your family be interested in an easy dice game? Check out the Kickstarter. Get the full game for $25 (including US shipping), or the deluxe edition for $39 (adds monster meeples and a dice tower).

Find Amber Palace Games at their website, on Facebook, or on Twitter.