71 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Jason Kotarski from Green Couch Games

Jason Kotarski

It’s time for another interview! This week, we’re talking to Jason Kotarski from Green Couch Games. Their new game Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun is on Kickstarter now.

The new game is a stand alone game, but it can be combined with the original Best Treehouse Ever to play with up to 8 players.

Green Couch Games has made their name as primarily a publisher for filler games. Jason’s passion is for great games that tend to the small and quick.

I want to intentionally raise the bar for filler games.

Green Couch Games has released 10 games in the past 3 years. We called out a few games specifically:

Before the Earth Explodes

Ladder 29

Wok on Fire

Rocky Road a la Mode


If any of the games we mentioned sound interesting, you can see their whole selection.


We ask Jason to tell us a few of his favorite fillers that aren’t published by Green Couch Games. Jason’s favorites include:

Incan Gold – press your luck

6 nimmt! – blind bidding

Qwixx and Rolling America – roll and write games that engage all players on every turn.


Find Green Couch Games online at greencouchgames.com or on Twitter (@GreenCouchGames) and Facebook (@GreenCouchTabletop)

Jason also runs the 20 Minutes of Filler Facebook group and the 20 Minutes of Filler podcast. You can find him on Twitter @jasonkotarski