75 – The Family Gamers Podcast – PAX Unplugged Interviews

PAX Unpulgged 2017, Philly PA

This week, we’re bringing you all the interviews we recorded at PAX Unplugged. There are a lot of interviews, so it’s another extra-long show.

But first, some special guests – Asher and Claire!

Asher’s favorites: Lazer Ryderz, The Grimm Forest, Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG

Claire’s favorites: Sumer and BLANK

* correction: The art for The Grimm Forest was done by Mr. Cuddington. *


(7:20) Steve Jackson Games – Super Kitty Bug Slap (available soon) and Simon’s Cat

(12:50) Nauvoo Games – Crosstalk, Stockpile, and The Reckoners (from Brandon Sanderson’s series)

(19:20) Devir Games – Checkpoint Charlie, Fast Food Fear, Dragons & Chickens

(23:30) USAopoly – Codenames: Disney Family Edition, Super Mario Level Up

(30:15) Dr. Finn’s Games – The Little Flower Shop (available soon), Let Them Eat Shrimp, COG. Coming soon: Cosmic Run Rebirth, Waters of Nereus.

(40:00) The Creativity Hub – Untold: Adventures Await, BLANK.

(1:00:12) Arcane Wonders – Viral, Onitama, Spoils of War

(1:13:45) Gigamic – Yogi, Galapagos, Quarto, Quoridor, Katamino

(1:17:05) Genius Games – Cytosis, Virulence, Peptide, Covalence, Ion, My First Science Textbook books, Science Wide Open (Women In Science) books

(1:23:22) iello – Claire & Andrew interview Alison Haislip – Mountain of Madness, Sea of Clouds, Sticky Chameleons

(1:28:55) Bezier Games – New York Slice, Werebeasts, Whistlestop, Palace of Mad King Ludwig

(1:33:40) Fireside Games – Hotshots, Kaiju Crush, Here Kitty Kitty

(1:38:55) Big Potato Games – OK Play, The Chameleon