88 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Fundraising with GameWright GameNight

Episode 88: Fundraising with GameWright Game Night

Did you know that you can have a fundraiser centered around GameWright games? We just ran a GameWright GameNight for the third time, and we’ll tell you all about it.

What we’ve been playing:

Terraforming Mars

Funky Chicken (from Happy Planet / North Star Games) See our Facebook live video of our family playing Funky Chicken. It is ridiculous, but fun.

Monster Match (also from Happy Planet)

Go Nuts for Donuts
Mice & Mystics
Roll Player
Ancestree (see our review)
Anomia Kids
Toasted or Roasted (see our review)

At the fundraiser:
Go Away Monster (different than our copy, but not too different.)

GameWright Game Night Fundraiser

Playing games

Early on at the game night

We absolutely love this as a fundraiser. You contact GameWright and schedule a day for your event. They send demo games as well as copies for sale. You set up demo games for interested folks to come play. If they love them, they can buy a copy at regular retail price; the volunteer organization gets 50% of all sales. If you run out of sale copies, you can submit an order when you return the demo games, and you’ll receive your orders within a week or so.

We also ran a raffle – whenever someone brought a played game back to the demo table, they got a free raffle ticket. We picked winners at the end of the night to win a few GameWright games.

We love that GameWright has games for all ages (3+ for Go Away Monster and Feed the Kitty all the way up to 12+ for some party games), and they keep their prices affordable. Both of these aspects make them perfect for an all-ages event like this fundraiser.

We briefly mentioned this about a year ago (episode 44, “Hosting a Game Night”, around 30:50-34:30.) The biggest takeaway from that episode: remember that you the “host” will not be playing games through and having fun with a dedicated group. You need Game Gurus to “float” and help anyone who needs it.

If this is something interesting to you, try to schedule in July/August for an event in the Christmas season.

Hey publishers! If your game catalog could support it, you should consider setting up a similar program. It doesn’t cost you any more than getting your games to a retailer, it is a great goodwill generator, and it will get your name out to families who might never hear of you otherwise.

For more information:

Go directly to the GameWright GameNight page: https://gamewright.com/gamenight/

If you have questions or would like to share your experience, you can do that here on the website, or on our Facebook page, Twitter, or our Facebook community.

Or contact us directly and we’ll answer your questions as best we can.


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  • Joe Sauer

    Thank you! Another great episode (of course), but the timing of the content is perfect for me. We just hosted an Escape Room night for our Cub Scout pack and were considering a fundraiser for the Fall that was game related. This episode has answered many of the questions we had after reviewing Gameright’s website. I’m very gung-ho about setting this up – and it might even satisfy a requirement for next year’s Bear Scouts (3rd graders)!! A two-fer.

    Thanks again