90 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Top 8 Games for Multi-Generational Play

Episode 90: Top 8 Games for Multi-Generational Play

Happy Easter! Did you come up short looking for games that would work for your whole family this holiday weekend? Andrew and Anitra suggest 8 games (or types of games) that can work well across several generations.

What we’ve been playing:

Funky Chicken (see our video)
Sundae Split
Fairy Tile
Justice League: Road Trip (we won’t link to it. You don’t want it.)
OK Play
Pandemic Legacy – for the first time in over a year. It’s good to get back!
EXIT: The Secret Lab
Trash Pandas (soon to be published by GameWright)

Games that Cross Generational Boundaries

We touched on this topic before, back in episode 14 – things to look for in games to be approachable by non-gamer family:

Simple rules – But not necessarily simple strategy
Party games can be good
Cooperative games can be good
Former suggestions included: Tokaido, Takenoko, Zombie Dice, Krosmaster Arena, Forbidden Island, Pandemic, Castle Panic

With the same ideas in mind, we present our top picks now:

Top Eight Games for Multi-Generational Play

1. Deep Sea Adventure (Anitra suggests easier press your luck games – Zombie Dice, Batman Dice, or Can’t Stop)

2. Qwingo or a similar easy-to-approach roll-and-write game. This allows everyone to talk and interact while working on their own individual scoresheet.

3. Stop Thief! – easy to approach by non-gamers. Fun to race and catch the thieves.

4. Concept – or other party guessing games. But Concept feels very unique while still being quick to pick up. Partly because there aren’t teams! (other options: CrossTalk, Taboo, Charades, Codenames, etc.)

5. Anomia or Duple – how about Anomia Kids?

6. Go Nuts for Donuts – this has been a huge hit with our kids, and the adults they’ve dragooned into it all seem to enjoy it too.

7. Maze Racers (two-player but speedy rounds)

8. Funky Chicken (coming soon from Happy Planet / North Star Games) or Happy Salmon – fun to watch even if you don’t want to play.


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