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Fire Tower

On this show, we have a special guest interviewer, our son Asher! We talk to Sam Bryant and Gwen Ruelle, also known as Runaway Parade Games, about their game Fire Tower, on Kickstarter now.

As we’ve mentioned, Asher played Fire Tower at Granite Game Summit. He loved it, and not only because he took out all his opponents.

Fire Tower is a 2-4 player competitive forest fire game. In most other fire-themed games,  players work together to beat back the blaze. But in Fire Tower, you try to defend your own tower and spread the fire towards your opponents.

Each turn, the fire spreads in the direction of the wind. Players have a hand of five action cards, which allows them to change the wind direction, spread fire in specific patterns, extinguish flames, or build fire breaks (defenses).

One of the cards is “Fire Storm”. Roll the die to determine wind direction, then every fire gem spreads in that direction. By the end of the game, the board is usually covered in fire gems (which are beautiful, by the way).

We were surprised that Fire Tower is actually a pretty quick game (15-30 minutes). It’s designed to move faster as players get eliminated so that no one has to wait long for the game to be over.

How did you come up with the idea for Fire Tower?

Gwen and Sam love cooperative games, where all the players are playing against the game, but also enjoy competitive games with lots of player interaction. They wanted to create a game that joined both aspects. Fire seemed like a perfect theme to tie both ideas together.

“Only YOU can re-direct forest fires!”

Is this your first game?

Yes. Gwen and Sam have been putting most of their effort into Fire Tower, but they do  have several other projects in development. Listen for a description of a future tile-laying game based on building the best (post-apocalyptic) survival bunker.

What age(s) is Fire Tower good for?

Because this is an independent release, it has to be marked 13+ to avoid regulatory impact in the USA. While there is still plenty of strategy for more experienced players, most 9-10 year-olds should be able to play.

More details:

Kickstarter runs through May 24

$39 including US shipping. It’s also “friendly” for shipping to EU, Australia, or Canadian customers. They are intending January 2019 fulfillment (just in time for Asher’s birthday…)

Play modes: 1v1, 2v2 teams, or free-for-all (3 or 4 players)


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  • Tim McNeil

    Oh YES! Ever since Granite Game Summit I had an inkling that Sam and Gwen would be guests on your podcast eventually. Awesome awesome awesome! And so cool to hear Asher again! I was one of the other guys playing against him when we were brutally and expertly cut down (totally worth it; I’d play again). Good job defeating us bud, and good job on the interview! You guys rock.

    • Anitra Smith

      Thanks for your kind words, Tim! Asher is tickled pink to know that people enjoy playing with him and listening to him on the show.